Welcome to Pied Piper Retail Effectiveness Monitor®.

The Retail Effectiveness Monitor® is provided to manufacturers and franchisors
to measure how effectively each of their retail locations interacts with retail customers throughout the customer ownership lifecycle.

Four separate aspects of retail effectiveness are measured, benchmarked and reported:

  1. Shopping. The Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index® is used to measures how effectively the retail location sells to prospects who walk through the door; plus evaluation of telephone selling and internet/email selling.
  2. Purchase & Delivery. New Buyer Surveys provide measurement of how effectively the retail location handles purchase & delivery.
  3. Ownership. Ownership Experience Surveys measure how effectively the retail location provides ongoing service and customer support to existing owners; plus telephone service selling.
  4. Replacement. The Pied Piper Defector Diagnostic Survey provides comprehensive measurement of how effectively a retail location keeps their existing customers when customers replace their products, as well as how effectively a retail location attracts new customers from competitor retail locations. Importantly, this data includes all local competitor dealerships, not just same brand competitors.

The Retail Effectiveness Monitor® provides a complete, "holistic" measurement of how effectively each retail location interacts with retail customers, and shows how each retail location compares to benchmarks, to identify process areas in need of improvement.

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